How to verify your domain?

When registering a new domain with us you need to verify that you are the owner of the domain. Why? Otherwise you could make some spooky things that we do not approve.

How to verify your ownership?

At the moment we offer three ways to verify a domain. We call it HTTP, DNS or Email. Every option has its own pro and cons. Lets explain them one by one.


The most common and easiest option is Email. You need to have access to one of the following email address. As example we are using which you need to replace with the domain you want to register.

When you register the domain you can specify one of the two mentioned recipients. You will receive an Email with a verification link which you need to open to verify your ownership.
This is very easy and in the normal case very fast. If you don’t have access to these emails, check out the other options.


If you don’t have access to Email one other fast way is to use http verification.
After registering your domain with us, you will find some information in the web interface or in the callback of the api call .

What are we expecting? You need to create a html file in your domain root directory with a specific content. This means you need to have access to your current webserver or application.

In the example above you can see that you need to create a file called tokendns-site-verification-febaf9c6a1e96e60.html with the content 657f7c1ff545dff91c39bb56ff653ea4cb177257.
Just create the file and we will take care of the rest and inform you when the domain is validated. In the meanwhile you can start and create your records.


Our last, but not less used option is by dns. This means that you need to create a TXT record with your current dns provider. If this is easy and fast depends a little bit on your current provider, but most of the times its fast as well.
Lets give you an example how easy it is with us:

The get the necessary informations how the records needs to look is the same way as our http example. Easy to check in the web interface or when you use the api in the callback.

In the end your DNS server needs to responds with something like this:

$ dig txt +short

In the future we might add more options or email recipients, but at the moment this should offer a wide variety and gives everyone a possibility to verify the ownership of the domain.

Let us know if you need something else 🙂

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