How to use DynDNS with your router

The most common way to use Dynamic DNS is with your home router at home. You want to have access to the data that you store at home from far away. The problem is that your internet provider is changing it’s IP address from time to time and no one wants to remember these numbers.

We are introducing a new feature today to make it possible to use it with any device that is supporting an update interface.

It is not necessary anymore to add the record content when updating. This allows you to use it where ever you want.
Let’s have a look at a Fritzbox configuration that many people are using:

The only important setting is the update url, all other values can be chosen freely.

You are coding your IoT at home or remote and need access to it? Arduino can be that simple:

int httpCode = http.GET();
if(httpCode > 0) {
	if(httpCode == HTTP_CODE_OK) {
		String payload = http.getString();
		JsonObject& json = jsonBuffer.parseObject(payload);
		if (!json.success()) {
			Serial.println("Parsing payload failed");
		} else {
			String status = json["status"];
			// do something with it 
	} else {
		Serial.printf("[HTTP] GET... failed, error: %s\n", http.errorToString(httpCode).c_str());

This opens a lot of possibilities and looking forward to hear where you can integrate TokenDNS in your systems to make your life’s a bit easier.

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