How to add Pushover notification to TokenDNS?


What is Pushover?

Pushover is an app that allows you to send custom messages in realtime to your iOS, Android and other devices. It’s very reliable and easy to use.

What do I need to use Pushover with TokenDNS?

You need to register with and have at least one app installed on your device. To use BlaBlaDNS with pushover you need to create an Application and obtain User ID and API Token.

When you are logged in pushover you need to create a new application. Go to Applications and click Register an Application.


Afterwards you need to add the details of the application. Give it a name, description and type (e.g. Website) and add a good looking logo. You can grab the TokenDNS Logo here. At the end hit Create Application.


When the application is created you can get the API Token from the application details. Just click on the Application name and obtain the token.


Yes, its the one behind that good looking black banner. Whats next? We need the User ID. This you have probably seen. Its on the main page at the top right corner.

How to enable Pushover Notifications?

When you have your API Token and User ID we can enable Pushover notification in TokenDNS. When you are logged in, go to Settings and select Pushover in the dropdown menu.


You will be prompted to add your credentials. Hit Add Notification and the next time you reserve or change a record you will receive a notification.


I want to use the API!

I hear you and like it. Easy as you know it:

curl --get "" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d action=add
  -d provider=pushover
  -d user=${user_id}
  -d token=${token_id}

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