How to add Messenger notifications to TokenDNS?

What is Messenger?

Messenger is probably one of the most used messenger in the world and everyone who has a Facebook account is using it. After we introduced Facebook as authentication method, its now possible to get notifications when your records changed. No need for any additional app on your phone.

What do I need to use Messenger with TokenDNS?

Its very easy. When you are logged in TokenDNS, just open the Messenger site and click Send to Messenger. Thats it!

Visit now.


I want to use the API!

Unfortunately this is not possible 🙁


2 thoughts on “How to add Messenger notifications to TokenDNS?”

    1. Hi Joji,
      most dyndns services are very similar, but BlaBlaDNS was created in the sense to have an easy but powerful api with some extra features like notifications, webhooks, and some more are coming soon :). On the other hand its anonymous and we do not have any logs of who you are. Well, everyone knows whats in the dns, but thats not the point.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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