BlaBlaDNS is now TokenDNS

Welcome back! It was a little bit quite here, but something beautiful happened.

The cute BlaBlaDNS grew into TokenDNS and is now a full DNS service where you can host your own domains. Manage your records through the same webinterface that you know or the easy API.

What changed for the Dynamic DNS service of Nothing! It is all the same, will never cost you a cent and we still have no logs.

Well, we have a new beautiful website:

What brings the future? We will show you what you can achieve with TokenDNS and make your life a little bit easier. More features are coming to TokenDNS in the future, but you can already checkout our existing ones:

In the next couple weeks we will show you how to use the API for each service and what you can do with it.

Want to try TokenDNS? Absolutely please! When you register your domain, the first month is free. Register NOW!


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