Automate your DNS records even more, with services!

We are happy to announce a new feature that is available right now. Everything is running in the cloud and you should not feel any pain to connect your cloud applications with your domain.

Services are here to help you configure the applications you use. We start with Gmail, GitHub and GitLab Pages, Tumblr and Cloudoffice. For each service you need to configure your DNS and we will take care of it from now on.
Just tell us under which record you want to use the service and we will create the necessary records for you.

It can be that easy to configure your domain to use the Google mailserver or Google Apps. No need to copy and paste all the configurations.
Let’s have a look at the API:

curl --get "" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d domain=${domain} \
  -d name=@ \
  -d service=gmail

You can combine them as well. Just use a comma as separator.

Which services do you use and would like to see?

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