API Update & Beautification


We have a small, but very crucial update for the api and some beautifications were made for the frontend too.

Whenever you reserve a new record, its possible to set the type and content of the record right away. This helps a lot and reduces the api calls that you need to make.
For example you want to integrate a DNS Update when you start a new virtual machine. Thats now possible with just one call:

curl --get "https://api.tokendns.co/v1/reserve" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d name=www5
  -d type=A
  -d content=

This will automatically create www5.blabladns.xyz with the A record set to

Some internet provider only have IPv6 or only IPv4 running and it was always a little mess to handle both A and AAA records.
From now on you can delete the type of record that you don’t like anymore. Running only on IPv4? Then delete your AAAA record:

  curl --get "https://api.tokendns.co/v1/delete" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d name=${name}
  -d type=AAAA

Automation should be as easy, but multifunctional 🙂

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