API Update & Beautification


We have a small, but very crucial update for the api and some beautifications were made for the frontend too.

Whenever you reserve a new record, its possible to set the type and content of the record right away. This helps a lot and reduces the api calls that you need to make.
For example you want to integrate a DNS Update when you start a new virtual machine. Thats now possible with just one call:

curl --get "https://api.tokendns.co/v1/reserve" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d name=www5
  -d type=A
  -d content=

This will automatically create www5.blabladns.xyz with the A record set to

Some internet provider only have IPv6 or only IPv4 running and it was always a little mess to handle both A and AAA records.
From now on you can delete the type of record that you don’t like anymore. Running only on IPv4? Then delete your AAAA record:

  curl --get "https://api.tokendns.co/v1/delete" \
  -d apikey=${apikey} \
  -d name=${name}
  -d type=AAAA

Automation should be as easy, but multifunctional 🙂

Social Logins are here!


We are happy to announce a new feature for the BlaBlaDNS frontend. Its possible now to login with your GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts.

Even if you should have a different password for each service that you are using, most people don’t. Thats why its very risky to register for a service where you don’t know if you password is safe.
Just to be sure, its safe with us. Your password never reaches us in cleartext. It gets encrypted in your browser, the hash gets transferred using SSL and we only store a salted version of this hash. So there is no way to crack this.

Social Login

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